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With its vigorous zig-zag design, the Zing indoor pot/plate set instantly catches the eye. A strong sense of movement is optimised by 3D printing with bi- and tri-colour-morphing filaments, and colourful gradient materials.  


Zing is just as zesty on the inside. A kaleidescope of pattern and colour lines the pot and its matching plate.



Small: 100mm x 100mm 100mm H

Plate: 95mm x 97mm x 18mm H

Large: 120mm x 120mm x 120mm H

Plate: 116mm x 116mm x 23mm H

X Large: 141mm x 141mm 140mm H

Plate: 136mm x 136mm x 25mm H



'India' Tri-Colour-Morph - a spectacular blend of vibrant green, pink & gold silk-effect PLA (watch the video in the image section to get the full effect!)

Warm Rainbow Gradient - Vibrant rainbow gradient of shiny green, red, blue silk-effect PLA

'Candy' Bi-Colour-Morph - Eye-popping fluoro pink and yellow silk-effect PLA  


The placement of colour for gradient material is unique to each print. The larger the print, the more colours and colour-changes. Colour-morphing material works only with particular geometries. The effect places a different colour on each side, with blending in- between.



* You can custom order pots with or without a drainage hole.
* Pots and plates are printed with eco-friendly PLA bioplastic. They are suitable for moderate sun exposure during indoor use, but are not intended to be used outdoors.

* Plates are a design feature, and come with pots as part of the set (neither are sold separately).

* Pots with holes include a small pot elevation ring to assist with drainage.


3D printing is a craft, not a manufacturing process: slight irregularities are to be expected, making each pot perfectly unique!

Zing Pot

PriceFrom $58.00
  • If you've never seen or handled a 3D printed object before, our products may surprise you.  They are incredibly light and when treated kindly, are very durable. Here's some important tips for care and handling:

    * Treat your pot with reasonable care. It is made up of hundreds of individually printed layer lines (not injection moulded).

    * To avoid breakage, do not squeeze hard, and avoid dropping (particularly on hard surfaces).   

    * Pots have been UV treated for indoor use only.   They are not made to withstand outdoor weather conditions. 

    * To clean, rinse between uses with cool water, and drain upside down. Not dishwasher safe.

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