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Lyn Wallis of The Daily Rabbit
Blue Filament rolls for 3d vases
Two 3d printed Whippy vases
A 3d printed The Woods Vase


Lyn 'Lynno' Wallis

I am a 3D printing artist and designer, living and working in regional Victoria. I was an early adopter of desktop 3D printing, and soon became obsessed with both the machines themselves, and the creative frenzy they inspire.

I have established a 3D printing micro-farm on my property in regional Victoria, Australia, and I design each object from the ground up using various CAD programs. I experiment with sustainable printable materials, and manipulate machine settings expertly to create unique effects.

I am committed to making sustainably. My vases are 3D printed using high quality degradable and biodegradable PLA (polylactic acid). PLA is a bioplastic produced from renewable materials (like corn starch), and is commercially compostable.  

Vases are printed on-demand to avoid wastage, and designed and printed in a home studio powered by solar energy. 

Lynno x   

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