Lyn 'Lynno' Wallis


I am a 3D printing artist and jewellery/object maker, living and working in regional Victoria. I was an early adopter of domestic 3D printing (I got the first domestic model released in 2012), and soon became obsessed with both the machines themselves, and the creative frenzy they inspire.


I have established a 3D printing micro-farm on my property in regional Victoria, Australia, which houses 15 x 3D printers along with traditional crafting tools and materials.  I design each object from the ground up using CAD tools such as MOI 3D ( a NURBS-based program) and SketchUp, and am beginning to incorporate virtual clay modelling for 3D printing. I experiment with many types of printable materials, and manipulate machine settings expertly (using Simplify 3D) to create unique effects.


I am committed to a colourful hand-made aesthetic, embracing the curious imperfections and inconsistencies of domestic 3D printing, and blending modern and traditional crafting practices. 


Lynno x