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Welcome to The Woods … a complex, functional, watertight vase, 3D printed with eco-friendly, degradable PLA bio-plastic, which is derived from corn starch. The spirit of ancient trees - the elders of nature - is captured in its rich, sculptural design.


Gradient colours: Please note that the actual placement of gradient colours is unique.  The photos for gradient colours are examples only.   


The Woods was a finalist in both the 2023 Interior Design Excellence Awards, and VIVID Awards. It won a Commendation at VIVID.

The Woods Vase

PriceFrom $64.00
  • Refunds: As most vases are printed to order, we do not offer refunds or exchanges, unless the item is faulty. If you have any questions, contact us before ordering, and we'll do everything we can to help you make a confident purchase.

  • We use only high quality degradable and biodegradable plant-based material such as PLA (polylactic acid), which is commercially compostible.  

    The design and production process happens in a studio powered by solar energy.  Water used for testing is recycled into a beautiful garden.

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