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Pete's Pot & Plate set was initially designed for Chief Rabbit’s Dad (sculptor, plant obsessive, King of the backyard). Following intense negotiations, we are pleased to make it available for Dad's everywhere!


Pete's elegant hexagon shapes form a minimalist-design pot that wears earthy, textured, and shimmering colours equally well. Look for the cheeky rabbit hole on Pete’s bottom :)



Small: 102mm x 105mm 100 mm H

Plate: 84mm x 95mm 18mm H

Large:122mm x 126mm x 120mm H

Plate: 103mm x 114mm x 23mm H

X Large: 143mm x 147mm 140mm H

Plate: 118mm x 118mm x 25mm H



Earth Matte Gradient - Soft bands of matte brown, caramel, taupe, and pale blue.

Red Marble - Earthy orangey-brown/red marble effect PLA. Low sheen.

Neptune Starlight -Deep teal with a shimmering, irridescent texture, reflecting purpley blue tones.


Gradient colours: Please note that the actual placement of colours is unique.  The larger the print, the more colours and colour-changes are represented. The photos for gradient colours are examples only.  The colour placement/percentage cannot be controlled.



* You can custom order pots with or without a drainage hole.
* Pots and plates are printed with eco-friendly PLA bioplastic. They are suitable for moderate sun exposure during indoor use, but are not intended to be used outdoors in full sun.

* Plates are a design feature, and come with pots as part of the set (neither are sold separately).

* Pots with holes include a small pot elevation ring to assist with drainage.


3D printing is a craft, not a manufacturing process: slight irregularities are to be expected, making each pot perfectly unique!

Pete's Pot

PriceFrom $58.00
  • If you've never seen or handled a 3D printed object before, our products may surprise you.  They are incredibly light and when treated kindly, are very durable. Here's some important tips for care and handling:

    * Treat your pot with reasonable care. It is made up of hundreds of individually printed layer lines (not injection moulded).

    * To avoid breakage, do not squeeze hard, and avoid dropping (particularly on hard surfaces).   

    * Pots have been UV treated for indoor use only.   They are not made to withstand outdoor weather conditions. 

    * To clean, rinse between uses with cool water, and drain upside down. Not dishwasher safe.

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