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ELEMENTS/AIR is the first in a series of USB-powered lamps, based on the four elements. AIR elegantly evokes a swirling wind. It is compact but impactful, bringing a powerful note of sophisticated design to any desk, counter-top, or side-table. Perfect for any room that needs an illuminating uplift. Or pop one in a carry-on, and travel with style.


ELEMENTS/AIR is printed with eco-friendly PLA (derived from corn starch) which is commercially compostable. It is powered by a high quality DC5V mechanism with a 'tap on/off' switch and dimmer. Featuring an attractive 1W bulb, AIR is powered through any USB-A port such as a phone charger, desktop/laptop port or 5V USB hub.

DIMENSIONS:  70 x 105mm, H 155mm.  Weighs approximately 210 grams.

INCLUDED: Lamp base, very long-lasting LED bulb and cord (installed)

NOT INCLUDED:  USB power supply 


There are 10 vibrant colours in this initial release.  


Translucent - Smoke, Magenta, Yellow, Red, Green, and Rainbow gradient

Matte - Lavender, Pistachio, Gelato

Glitter - Gold

Standard PLA - Fluoro Orange


Gradient colours:  Please note that the actual placement of colours is unique for each lamp.  Photos for gradient colours are examples only.  The colour placement/percentage cannot be controlled.


3D printing is a craft, not a manufacturing process: slight irregularities are to be expected, making each vase perfectly unique!

Elements/AIR Lamp

  • * Treat your lamp like a handmade object. It is made up of hundreds of individually printed layer lines (not injection moulded). If travelling with your AIR, wrap it in a towel or some clothing.

    * To avoid breakage, do not squeeze hard, and avoid dropping on hard surfaces.   

    * PLA is not UV resistant, so lamps are not recommended for outdoor use in the sun. 

    * AIR's LED bulb will last many thousands of hours (depending on use).  FOR SAFETY REASONS, only the supplied bulb and cord can be used with our lamp base. If for any reason you need to replace the bulb/cord, these mechanisms will soon be available for purchase from our online sore.

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