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The Wave is a functional, water-tight flower vase, 3D printed with eco-friendly, commerically compostable PLA bio-plastic.


The Wave is an ode to Summer, featuring an appealing ellipse shape, decorated with undulating wave patterns. Movement is enhanced by colour-morphing silk-effect filaments. Add a bright pop of colour to activate the Wave's optimistic retro vibes.


Large size is 20cm (8") high. Small size is 14cm (5.5") high (more suitable for desktops and small side tables).  Please refer to the scale photograph provided.


* Signature colours:

Colour-morphing silk - Ocean (blue/green), Goldie (gold/silver), Banquet (magenta/old gold)

Silk - Magenta, Aqua

Rgular PLA - Yellow


Morphing colours are 'dual colour' filaments. Colour A is on one side of the vase, colour B is on the other, with a blending of both colours in between. Each vase is unique, so photos are representative.


* Any special or seasonal colours available can be found in seperate item listings

Note on texture:

SILK PLA is solid opaque colour, light reflecting, some (like copper & bronze) have a slightly metallic appearance.

COLOUR-MORPH has a two colour effect split between surfaces, with blending in between.

GLITTER PLA is translucent and textured

REGULAR PLA has a semi-shine


3D printing is a craft, not a manufacturing process: slight irregularities are to be expected, making each vase perfectly unique!

Wave Vase

PriceFrom $58.00
  • If you've never seen or handled a 3D printed object before, our vases may surprise you.  They are incredibly light, weighing between 50 and 200 grams. Here's some important tips for vase care and handling:

    * Treat your vase like a handmade object. It is made up of hundreds of individually printed layer lines (not injection moulded).

    * To avoid breakage, do not squeeze hard, and avoid dropping (particularly on hard surfaces).   

    * PLA is not UV resistant, so vases are not recommended for prolonged outdoor use, or placement in very direct or hot sun. 

    * Half-fill your vase with water, and support from the bottom when lifting to avoid squeezing the vase.

    * To clean, rinse between uses with cool water, and drain upside down. Not dishwasher safe.

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