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Looking for unique decorative and gift solutions for your big day?

Why hire for the reception table, when for a competitive cost, you can choose and own custom-made vases that beautifully match your chosen theme/colours? 

Why settle for generic presents and favours, when you can gift your loved ones something truly unique?

My colourful flower vases are CAD designed and 3D printed in The Daily Rabbit's regional Victorian studio. Vases are made from eco-friendly bio-plastic - primarily PLA (polylactic acid) - a corn starch derivative. This versatile material enables me to create contemporary and classic vase shapes in surprising colours and textures. TDR vases are lightweight, and are either degradable or bio-degradable. 

With plenty of colours and styles to choose from, I can easily accomodate traditional, contemporary, and rainbow weddings.

I'd love to help you make your wedding day a one-of-a-kind event!

Lynno X

Chief Rabbit


A TDR vase is one of a kind ...

Although replication is part of the 3D printing process, hundreds of hours go into experimenting: creating innovative designs, expertly matching colours and textures, and perfecting print settings.


TDR vases are carefully crafted, but it's important to know that domestic 3D printing is not a manufacturing process. It's a technology-based craft requiring design and operation skills that TDR has acquired over 8 years of practice. No two vases are exactly the same, endowing each with its own personality.



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* TDR vases are made from high quality, eco-friendly bioplastic filament, sourced nationally and internationally. These materials are either degradable or biodegradable (compostable). 

* No toxic chemicals or sealants used.

* 95% of vases are watertight, and TDR vases are a match made in heaven with fresh flowers. A few larger models with complex geometry are marked as 'decorative only', for use as contemporary decoration or with dried flowers/foliage.

* TDR designs are unique, making the most of filament properties, colour and light.

* TDR vases are not boring! Let's face it, most commercially produced vases are pretty straight. My bespoke processes enable the use of colours, shapes and textures not easily reproduced by mass manufacturing.


The potential matrix of models, and available colours and textures is huge! There are currently 12 unique models on offer in multiple colours and textures: with more in development. Standard vase heights are 14cm (5.5 inches) and 20cm (8 inches). Individual petite table vases are 10cm high (4 inches) and extra large statement vases (not available in watertight options in all styles) are 30cm high (12 inches).

* TDR uses a range of about 40 colours: a range that is ever-expanding!

* A variety of textures are available (depending on colour) including: matt, semi-sheen, luxurious high shine silk-effect, solid colour, translucent, gradient multi-colour, and subtle glitter finishes.

* The TDR studio is also home to a Mosaic Palette 2S Pro, specialist equipment that enables precise, random, and gradient colour effects.


Competitive Pricing

Why hire, when you can order and own unique decorative vases at a comparable cost to hiring.

Big, little, and everything in between

You can order extra large statement vases up to 30cm high as table features, or petite vases to accompany each guest or couple table setting. And everything in between! (It's your wedding).

Gifts with a story

Everyone is fascinated by 3D printing! You can order gift vases for loved ones, and/or for the wedding party. There is an option to 'carve' the bottom of the vase with the happy couple's initials in a heart. It's a gift with a story: one that is beautiful, useful, and a constant reminder of a wonderful day.


Petite vases for each guest/couple table setting make wonderful favours for guests to enjoy on the day, and then take home at the end of your party or reception. Initial 'carving' into the base is also an option for petite table vases. 

Bespoke design service

For couples wanting to create bespoke vase models unique to a personal theme, I also offer a custom design service.




"So happy with the two vases I ordered, they are beautifully designed and were swiftly posted, they look so great in my house - highly recommend!"   Lucie Aug 2020

"Beautiful, my friend loved it! Thank you so much."   Jessica July 2020

"This is a really interesting and different vase which makes a pop when you walk in the room. If you want something a bit unique, this is it."   Alison Jun 2020

"The vase is STUNNING in person - such vivid and eye-catching colours that make it such a unique and glorious piece. It's a mind-boggling design that is definitely going straight to the mantel in my house!"  Sarah Jul 2020 



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This curved and cratered sculptural vase is carefully designed to softly reflect and glow. It picks up the smallest amount of light, and dazzles in the sunshine. The Alien emerges beautifully when printed in eco-friendly silk-effect PLA, but also looks great in translucent and glitter material.  




A regal, classic vase with an ornate pattern resembling 'pressed tin'. Looks very much at home on a fireplace mantel. It's deep ridging captures light, giving it a two-toned effect. Designed to be printed in eco-friendly silk-effect PLA or graduating colour PLA.




A summery retro-style vase, which looks fresh and light in translucent citrus colours. It also reflects light spectacularly when printed in metallic silk-effect PLA. The 20cm high version of this model makes for a very substantial vase.




The simple Dewdrop Vase has an elegant profile, enhanced by a gentle twist. It's one of TDR's most basic and popular vases. It's a versatile vase that can be printed in any material, but looks its best in translucent or glitter-effect PLA. Depending on the material used, some larger (20cm H) Dewdrops are for decorative purposes only.




This vase is characterised by undulating twists, forming an elegant ribbon design. This is another very popular vase, particularly when printed in eco-friendly silk-effect PLA, or with the Mosaic Palette multi-colour process. Larger versions of this vase are for decorative purposes only.




The Horn is a big-voiced, large volume vase. It features a rippled grass design, leading to a horn shaped opening. Designed for large bunches of flowers. Looks stately printed in low-sheen metallic PLA, or translucent glitter PLA. 



Modern Art Deco design with deep ridges and panels. Shines beautifully when printed in eco-friendly silk-effect PLA. Conjures a 1930's dressing room in pale pink, lipstick red, and muted purple.




The Supervase is a striking, minimalist vase with a daring twist. Turn it to discover a new profile. It's Clark Kent one day, Supervase the next! Metallic PLA makes the most of its dangerous curves. As do stripes, generated through the Mosaic Palette Multicolour process. Sizes over 14cm high are for decorative purposes only.




One of TDR's first (and most popular) vases. A simple elongated dodecahedron shape that suits all filaments and colours, but really shines in translucent hues. The addition of water softens reflections and deepens colours.



Inspired by the American malt shops of the fifties, the Sundae Vase is big, sweet and very retro. Its pattern mimics 'pressed tin'. This is a fun and fabulous vase with a huge capacity! Looks its Sundae Best printed in semi-matte pastels and shiny, sugary brights.



Features striking geometric design, inspired by icy glaciers. These vases (one twisted) make the most of shiny translucent PLA filament, as light bounces around, reflecting their twists and turns. The large version has great capacity, and (in translucent shades) flower stems are visible. Greens and blues are a natural for Glacier Vases, but they also looks fabulous in bright shades such as yellow or hot pink. 



A highly sculptural vase resembling the spikes of a futuristic hedgehog. This vase was designed to enhance eco-friendly, metallic-coloured PLA, and comes to life in sunlight or under a lamp. The large version of Hedgehog is for decorative purposes only.